Other March Exhibits…



Contemporary Fine Art

Caleb Charland  http://calebcharland.com/

Harrison Brammell  http://www.harrisonbrammell.com/


Nora Canfield    http://www.blurb.com/books/2354592-black-light-photography


Seed Space

www.seedspace.org  /  www.crappymagic.tumblr.com

The Crappy Magic Experience: an installation which encourages interaction with unwanted things. The fill bins with a curated collection of thrift store items, and visitors are invited to root around in the piles and make photographs of any arrangement of stuff they like. David Hellams says, “The exhibition seeks to encourage our gusts to make their own creative statements in the form of collage-like photographs made from a jumbled assortment of low-value goods”.


West of Knoll

Gallery and Studio                     http://www.westofknoll.com/#!exhibitions/cfvg

The Beauty of Color

Rob Lindsay                                  http://www.roblindsaypictures.com/

The Exhibition goes from February 20 to March 12

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