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SNAP Notes…

Lots of news for SNAP!

We are honored to have as our speaker for the May 24th meeting, Lou Outlaw He is Professor of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University and a respected, well known photographer. Lou will be discussing printing and paper selection, so be thinking about any questions you may have for him. As always, meeting starts at 6:30pm, at Durys. 

Paul Polycarpou, the juror for our 5th Annual SNAP Exhibit at Gordon Jewish Community Center, has made his selections. Here is the list artist who will be showing their work:

Denny Adcock                                                                     Renee Lowery

Monte Arnold                                                                       Bill Lund

Richard Barrow                                                                   Bob McReynolds

Rick Borchet                                                                        David Morel

Sandy Burr                                                                           Emily Naff

Sharon Brown Christopher                                            Emily Passino

Durwood Edwards                                                             Kay Ramming

Jo Fields                                                                                 Elizabeth Ross

Gerald Figal                                                                          Michael Ross

Mike Gannon                                                                       Susan Ruach

Ken Gray                                                                               Paul Schatzkin

Eric Henderson                                                                    Susan Striepe

Sue Henry                                                                             Jane Vickers

Judith Hill                                                                              Kat Villacorta

Bill Hobbs                                                                             Rick Wise

Tom Keller                                                                            Al Wood

Donna Kilkelly


The RECEPTION is June 8.


Kay Ramming and Denny Adcock have completed preliminary work and announced an additional exhibition opportunity at Gordon JCC. Due to a cancelation, SNAP has gained access to the smaller gallery, concurrent with our main exhibition. Kay has announced:

Folks who have been long time Snap members will remember our past Push Pin Shows. For newer members here’s how it works: We have 25 spaces to offer, each space is 5 feet (2 wall panels) You may have up to 6 images no larger than 11 x 14, they will be UNFRAMED and UNMATED, must have a border as you will hang with push pins on those borders. The past shows were very popular as you could offer your art to the public at a reduced price. Please remember the JCC does take 30% of sales.

Snap Members who are interested this is — first come, first served!! Please email me to be included ASAP and with any questions you may have.


Don’t forget, our  meeting is May 24 at Dury’s, 6:30 pm. And, if you have any work you would like to show or ask questions about, please bring it.

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