Call for Submissions SNAP Exhibit

Provence Call for Entries…

We’re on a roll!  On top of two outstanding exhibits at the JCC being seen this month, and a fantastic current exhibit at Provence on “Patterns” (where Monte Arnold has actually sold his excellent photograph), we’re ready to call for SNAP submissions for the next Provence SNAP Photography Show.  See details below

Theme: Photographs “inspired by the cinema.” Let your imagination roll with this one.  Images might be “about” movie goers, movie houses, actors, sets, scenes and the like. You might set out with the intention of shooting something inspired by a movie. Or, you might scroll through your portfolio and find images that you’ve already captured which are related to movies, movie themes, moods, scenes, messages, etc, etc.

Juror:  The juror for this exhibit will be Zack Hall, not only the Programming and Education Associate for the Belcourt, but a fabulous artist himself. He is participating in the upcoming Oz Modular Art Pods ( June 21-25th. For a taste of his work see

Key Dates:  Deadline for submission: Saturday, July 9th. Notification of selections: Saturday July 16th. The show will be hung in early August (tentative dates, Monday, August 1st, on with an Artists Reception August 4th .

Accepted Framed Images:

The accepted images should not be larger than 16 x 20 framed out, or smaller than 8 x 10 framed out.  Black frames with white matting.  Remember, Provence only supplies nails at this point, so have wire across the back. You will receive a link to supply information about your print (name of photograph, etc.) for the title cards.

Guidelines to submit your entries:

  1. This is open to SNAP members only –It’s easy to become a SNAP Member: just attend a meeting — and we encourage everyone to participate!
  2. Deadline: Saturday, July 9th  2016
  3. You may submit up to 4 entries.
  4. Naming of files:  Please name each file using the following method:
    –  first initial + lastname _ cinema+ entrynumber.jpg
    – Example: Emily Passino’s first entry would be named:  epassino_cinema1.jpg
  5. Please submit all works as JPG files, with a minimum of 1024 pixels on the long side.
  6. Email all entries  to Soon after submitting, you will receive an email confirmation.

Other useful information:

The juror will select up to 25 images for the Show. Photos selected must be taken to Provence ready to hang (date to be confirmed, likely Monday August 1st). Note: it is possible to take your photo to the regular SNAP July meeting, if it is difficult for you to get your photo to Provence.

Please refer to the SNAP website for more information

We will have Zack come to SNAP to speak on his selections at some point.

Thank you all for your submissions and being part of another fantastic SNAP show!


Good Luck and have fun!!

Wesley and Emily

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