Call for Submissions

Call for SNAP Submissions|Theme “WORK”

Here are the details for our next Provence SNAP Photography Show:

Theme: WORK. Again, let your imagination roll!

Juror:  The juror for this exhibit is Michael Ray Nott ( ), noted for outstanding graphic black & white Street Photography.  Nott has studied under Gerry Winogrand, and has a design and cultural sensibility that should make this upcoming exhibit very rich.  

Key Dates:

  • Deadline for submission: Friday, July 28
  • Notification of selections: Mid-August
  • Selections brought to Provence, ready to hang:  Tuesday, September 5
  • Artists Reception: Thursday September 7th (to be confirmed)

Guidelines to submit your entries:

This is open to SNAP members only.
It’s easy to become a SNAP Member: just attend a meeting and register at

  1. This is open to SNAP members only.
    It’s easy to become a SNAP Member: just attend a meeting and register at

We encourage everyone to participate!

  1. You may submit up to 4 entries.
  2. Naming of files:  Please name each file using the following method:     first initial + lastname _ theme+ entrynumber.jpg

    Example: Emily Passino’s first entry would be named:  epassino_work1.jpg

  3. Please submit all works as JPG files, with a minimum of 1024 pixels on the long side.

Email all entries to Soon after submitting (as soon as the volunteers have time to check) you will receive an email confirmation. Please note that Wesley and Emily will be doing some of this from out of town, so there could be a delay.

Framed Images:

The accepted images should not be larger than 16 x 20 framed out or smaller than 8 x10 framed out, black frames with white matting.  Remember, Provence only supplies nails at this point, so have a wire across the back.

Other useful information:

The juror will select up to 25 images for the show.

Venue: The exhibit will be at Provence in Hillsboro Village, 1705 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN  37212 ( )

Keep in mind the venue is a public space, with patrons of all ages and sensibilities. Provence has been a generous benefactor for the group, so why not consider treating yourself to some of their offerings whenever you’re in the village.

Please refer to the SNAP website for more information 

We will have the juror come to SNAP to speak on the selections at some point while show is still up.

Thank you all for your submissions and being part of another fantastic SNAP show!

Good Luck and have fun!!

Wesley (
Emily (

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