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April SNAP Notes…

Late-breaking developments –Read here about two NEW imminent SNAP shows described under the heading, “Future Plans.”  The first will most likely be in early June, where SNAP is being given gallery space at the newly renovated Preston Hotel.  The second is at the Lexus dealership, where we will have a show starting in July.  And yes, this is do-able!  Read on.

Future Plans…

Exhibit #1 –  June:  Preston Hotel:
Monte Arnold

Grand Opening of a new art gallery, featuring SNAP photography.  The initial show will have a focus on Nashville.  The exact theme is being developed with them now, but we do know that they are interested in art that is “not just for tourists,” but at the same time conveys a “touch of Nashville.” The working title is “The Nashville Area:  A Sense of Place.”  It looks like there should be room for 35-40 photographs.  Deadline will be early May.

 This show is an unusual opportunity with a tight turnaround time. This boutique hotel on Briley parkway ( is in the midst of a complete renovation, part of which includes developing an art gallery space on their lower level to include photography as well as other visual arts.  They know about SNAP and want to partner with us for the photography in this space.

We are preparing the Call for Submissions now, and will get it out ASAP, but you will want to know three things now.  First, because of the tight timeline, we are allowing you to submit photos that have been exhibited in previous SNAP shows. We encourage everyone to look through your archives. Second, if your print is selected, you would need to get it to the Hotel Preston in late May. Third, photos can likely be of the wider Nashville area, not just the city.

Exhibit # 2 – July:  Lexus Dealership:

Look for a Call for Submissions soon, for a show at the Lexus dealership in Metro Center. This will be a show with room for about 35 selections. The  theme will be Motion/Movement with a deadline in early June, so start SNAPPING!

More on the Theme:  Photography can give a sense of motion or movement through any number of storytelling or design elements. The photograph may capture a mid-action moment, suggesting what has come before or will happen in the next few seconds.  There could be a strong visual flow, with curved lines or some rhythm of pattern drawing the eye throughout the frame, that gives the experience of movement. And of course there is the use of motion blur – whether by using slow shutter speeds or panning.


Exhibit #3 – September:  JCC Show

Our annual show at the JCC with Tamara Reynolds (  as our juror. Look for Call for Entries with details in early July.  Theme as always will be “open.” Tamara has exhibited widely, including a recent exhibit, “Southern Route” at Dane Carder studios.

These three shows may very well conclude our year of exhibits for 2018, but looking ahead do also note that for 2019, we will have a show at Scarrit-Bennett from April to June, as well as further exhibits at the Preston Hotel and another venue that we continue to be in conversation with.  Possible themes for upcoming shows include “Community,” “Reflections,” “Still Life,” People,” “Time”, “Walls/Boundaries/Fences,” and “Color.”


March Meeting Summary

At our March meeting, Nashville State Community College faculty member Emily Naff reviewed /critiqued her selections for our “Landmarks” exhibit. We were able to meet in an excellent facility on the NSCC campus, and hear an in-depth, knowledgeable and inspiring criticism of the works selected. She is working with the administration for permission to meet there in the future. Thanks, Emily!


April/ May Meeting & Events

WE WILL NOT MEET AT OUR USUAL PLACE OR ON OUR USUAL DAY.  Instead, we will meet 6:30, April 26 at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts for two photography exhibits.  See show details at the end of these notes.  And don’t forget, the next day, April 27th at 12:00 noon there is a photography panel on Photography and Activism, with Keith Calhjoun, Chandra McCormick and Dr. Makeda Best moderated by Dr. Susan Edwards, the executive director of the Frist Center


Coming up on May 1st will be a joint meeting sponsored by the Brentwood Photography Group and Dury’s. Sam Abel, a Cannon Explorer of Light, will be presenting. The meeting is 6:30 pm at the Otter Creek Church (south entrance) off Franklin Road in Brentwood. Admission is free, but Cannon is requiring tickets for auditing. Go here: for more information and registration. Thanks to Sue Henry, BPG president and S.N.A.P. member for organizing and inviting us.


General Information

Harking back to our roots to be an informal group of Nashville photographers concentrating on the creative aspect of photography,  our plan this year is to experiment with a few “topic driven” meetings.  We want our meetings to enable SNAP members to share what they know and/or are learning and working on.  We have the advantage of being small enough for people to actually have active conversations when we get together so we want to take advantage of this. Stay tuned for details.

See our Facebook group for up to date contest, workshop, and exhibit information.  General inquiries, correspondence to SNAP leadership:


The next pinhole day is April 29, 2018

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who makes a pinhole photograph on the last Sunday in April, can scan it and upload it to this website where it will become part of the annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day celebration’s online gallery.

Local Exhibitions:


We Shall Overcome: Civil Rights and the Nashville Press, 1957–1968

March 30–October 14, 2018

Conte Community Arts Gallery

Related Programs:




Seeing the Unseen: To Look Is an Act of Choice

A multi-media show curated by Museum Director Alice Gray Stites

Seeing Now is on view at 21c Museum Hotel until December 2018.




Challenging Perspectives: The African-American Experience as Viewed through Separate Lenses

Fisk University presents two powerful photography exhibitions that investigate the conversations we as a nation are having about social justice and, perhaps more important, the conversations we should be having.

Let Us March On: Lee Friedlander and the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom is a collection of Friedlander’s photographs that document the Prayer Pilgrimage, a milestone moment in the Civil Rights Movement.

Jonathan Calm’s body of work, African-American Automobility: The Dangerous Freedom of the Open Road, utilizes photography to explore decades of the experience of “driving while black.”

Both exhibits open at Fisk University’s Carl Van Vechten Gallery the evening of Thursday, April 12, timed to align with the anniversaries of both the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Act of 1968. The Friedlander exhibition will be on view until August 19 and the Calm exhibition until September 15.





New Work by Daryl Thetford

April 7-26

ARTIST CONVERSATION with Paul Polycarpou:

APRIL 6, 5:30-7:00PM

The Arts Company presents an exhibition of the most recent contemporary photographic collage works by Daryl Thetford. This new series offers new perspectives of people in the midst of cityscapes, public protests, and the challenges of a changing culture we are all living through.


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