Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions – “SENSE OF PLACE”

Update: submission deadline has been extended until Sunday at midnight.

Call for SNAP Submissions – Summer 2018 |Theme “SENSE OF PLACE”

As a SNAP member, you are invited and encouraged to submit photos for our next SNAP Photography Show. See more about eligibility below. This next show will be on display at the newly renovated Hotel Preston on Briley Parkway from July through September. Their gallery space on the lower level will have room to accommodate ~40 photos. A more exact number will be determined as the hotel finalizes plans for use of this space.

The Hotel Preston allows our photos to be sold during the show, with no commission. The purchaser would work with each artist directly (based on title card information). Per SNAP policy, if you sell something during the show, you should replace it with another piece of your work that fits the theme – or contact a fellow SNAPPER to let them hang one of theirs that fits the theme.

Theme: NASHVILLE AREA: A SENSE OF PLACE. For this show, the jurors will be looking for photographs that convey the familiar and the unfamiliar found in the wider Nashville area, not just the city itself. Photos that capture our area’s culture in all of its many angles, whether known to outsiders or just to insiders, are fair game.

Jurors: Two notable award-winning photojournalists with the Tennessean have agreed to be our jurors for this exhibit: Larry McCormack (, and Lacy Atkins (].

Venue: Hotel Preston,, 733 Briley Parkway, Nashville, TN 37217.

Key Dates: (Deadline below is firm, given our juror’s commitments; other dates are evolving)

  • Deadline for submission: Sunday, May 6th
  • Notification of selections: ~ May 15th (our best guess)
  • Selections brought to hotel, ready to hang: mid-to-late June (date TBD)
  • Artists Reception: July (again, more will be known by 5/15)
  • Unsold pieces to be picked up: Late September 2018 (details to be settled later)

Guidelines to submit your entries:

  • This is open to active SNAP members only.
    It’s easy to become a SNAP Member: just attend a meeting and register at We encourage everyone to participate!
  • You may submit up to 4 entries.
  • NOTE: Given the tight turnaround, for this show, you may submit photos that were submitted previously, including those that were selected for previous SNAP shows.
  • Keep in mind the venue is a public space, with patrons of all ages and sensibilities.
  • Naming of files: Please name each file using the following method:

first initial + lastname _ theme+ entrynumber.jpg

Example: Emily Passino’s first entry would be named: epassino_motion1.jpg

  • Please submit all works as JPG files, with a minimum of 1024 pixels on the long side.
  • Email all entries to Soon after submitting (as soon as the volunteers have time to check) you will receive an email confirmation.

Framed Images:

At the time of this Call for Entry, we do not know the smallest/largest size for the photos for this exhibit. This will be determined by the time the photos are accepted. If you have a photo selected that is already printed and framed, we will try to work with you. Otherwise, you might expect the images to be as large as those we generally are allowed to have at the JCC show. At any rate, we expect that black frames with white matting with a wire across the back for hanging will be required.

Other useful information:

The juror will select up to ~40 images for the show.

Please refer to the SNAP website for more information

We hope to have the jurors come to SNAP to speak on the selections at some point.

Thank you all for your submissions and being part of another fantastic SNAP show!

Good luck and have fun!!

SNAP Exhibit Team

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