General Notes SNAP Meeting

Reminder from Emily…



Just a reminder to everyone that SNAP will not have a November meeting, AND that our December meeting is on a different date/time.

Monday, Dec 10 6:30 – 8:00 Holiday Gathering, at TECA –will include our traditional Dirty Santa photo swap, as well as potluck food and beverages..  For all ACTIVE snap members. 

Address:  2964 Sidco Drive, Nashville, TN 37204.  Park out front in visitor’s lot, or around to the side/back where the TECA has private parking which is okay after 5:30.  Entrance to the building is at the front, at the visitor’s lot. Avoid any parking spots with the neighbor design company’s signs.

More about the holiday gathering:  We welcome everyone who has been coming to SNAP meetings, even if this is your first year to start participating with us.


* Food and/or drinks to share  (SNAP will provide paper goods, cups, utensils – but if your dish needs a serving spoon/fork/knife, please bring that as well)

* Food  – it always works out that there is a great assortment of appetizer/finger foods, “main” and “side” dishes, and desserts – just bring whatever you’d like to share and it will work out.

* Beverages – adult beverages as well as non-alcoholic drinks are needed; it seems that “enough” people seem to bring  drinks so that it pretty much always works out in this department too.

* One great photo, wrapped or in an envelope, with nothing to identify the photographer

* The photos are piled on a table for a swap.  Each of us who brings a photo gets a number, and gets to pick a random photo – which, in the Dirty Santa Swap style, may get “stolen,” in which case you get to pick another photo, and so forth and so on.  Rules will be more clear when you are there.  The point is, everyone who brings a photo gets to go home with a photo by someone else.

* What do we mean by a “great” photo?  Bring one of your best photos which not only is a good example of your best work, but which has also been printed nicely.  You don’t need to mat it, and you certainly shouldn’t frame it. It should be at least 8×10 in size.


Fri, Dec 7 Last day to get Tamra a portrait photo (see discussion below)
Bill Lund - Mikenzi
Bill Lund – Mikenzi

Finally, don’t forget about the portrait challenge!  Those on our Portrait Panel last month challenged the rest of us to get out of our comfort zone and take portraits between now and our holiday meeting in early Decembr.  We accepted!  So, send Tamra Stallings a jpeg with ONE portrait before December 7th.  While you’re at it, send her your Instagram account name so we can extend your/our followers: .  These will be posted on our Instagram account, and compiled to show during the party.

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