Call for Submissions General Notes SNAP Meeting

Upcoming May Meeting and Summer Reading…

Great meeting coming up in a couple of weeks:  May 28, 6:30-8:00, AMANDA MCCADAMS -Prospering as a Photographer through Social Media.

 see  Her topic, will be richly grounded and informative for all.  Plus she’s another fun speaker!

May 28 6:30-8:00-ish, MeetingAmanda McCadams – Prospering as a Photographer through Social Media

And thanks for everyone’s input re our book we’re reading this summer.  There were 4 top contenders, which our esteemed Discussion Leader Emily Naff reviewed – all looked worthwhile, and may be contenders for next summer, but here’s what we’re reading now (before August 20th meeting – yes, that’s a 3rd Tuesday, but need to schedule around Emily’s teaching schedule):

David Ulrich, Zen Camera, hardback ~$15, David Ulrich draws on the principles of Zen practice as well as forty years of teaching photography to offer six profound lessons for developing your self-expression. Doing for photography what The Artist’s Way and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain did for their respective crafts, Zen Camera encourages you to build a visual journaling practice called your Daily Record in which photography can become a path of self-discovery.

Calendar of Important Dates…

SNAP Calendar 2019

May 28  6:30-8:00-ish, MeetingAmanda McCadams – Prospering as a Photographer through Social Media.  F
June 25 6:30-8:00-ish, MeetingBill Lund and a variety of SNAP members discussing alternatives to digital processing – which may include a live demo! Stay tuned for more details.
July 13 Deadline for Hotel Preston submissions, “Sense of Connections: Finding Our Commonality.  Detailed call for entry sent in two previous emails.
July 23   6:30-8:00-ish, Meeting: Jerry Park – Discussing his new book, A Tennessee Portrait, as well as general ins and outs of publishing a photography book
Aug-Dec Exhibit: Hotel Preston show; Opening reception early September
Aug 20* *Note date change: 6:30-8:00-ish, MeetingEmily Naff leading book discussion
Sept 24 6:30-8:00-ish, Meeting: John Partipilo discussing the Hotel Preston show
October Meeting & Exhibit:  JCC juror at meeting to discuss show at JCC this month

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