Call for Submissions SNAP Exhibit

Call for SNAP Submissions – 2019 HOTEL PRESTON | “Sense of Connections”

SNAP invites each of you who are currently active members to submit entries for our annual Hotel Preston show, to be held August – December 2019. This venue encourages artistic creativity within the bounds of “family friendly” photography. The theme described more fully below will be “Sense of Connections,” building on the 2018 show, “Sense of Place,” but from a broader perspective. Be sure and read the description carefully to see what the juror and the hotel are looking for with this show.

Juror:  The juror for this exhibit will be the award-winning John Partipilo, a fine arts photographer with roots in journalism, who describes his practice of photography as “Zen Photography.”  See for an excellent gallery and more about his art.

Venue:  Hotel Preston, 733 Briley Parkway, 37217 (

Theme: “Sense of Connections:  Finding Our Commonality.”  What do we have in common with others here, around the country, around the world? Now, and in the past? In our stage of life, our memories, our hopes? Our struggles and concerns? Photos chosen for this show will have an element of humanity to them, though they won’t necessarily be “of” people. They may be abstracts, or still lifes, or landscapes as well as photos focused on people.  But the photos selected will portray some aspect of what humans hold in common. Think “slice of life” and “intersections of life” – almost an updated “Family of Man[1]” for 2019.

Note that while the photographs are not restricted to Nashville, the hotel would like the juror to pick a “few” that do have this area as a “place.” Best advice: consider including something local for some of your submissions. Some of you may have all 5 with a Nashville element, some may have a mix, and others may have none. But the important thing is to send your best photos around this theme.

Key Dates:

  • Deadline for submission: Saturday, July 13th
  • Notification of selections: Late July (7/25th our best guess)
  • Selections brought to hotel, ready to hang:  mid-August (date/hours TBD, likely August 15th)
  • Artists Reception: Early September (exact date to be determined soon)
  • Juror talk to SNAP meeting: September 24th, regular meeting time/place (Tuesday, 6:30, TECA).
  • Unsold pieces to be picked up:  Late December (details to be settled later)

[1]Title of 1950’s classic inspiring countless later iterations through the decades since, including the 2018 female and inter-gender show at Arles, “Family of No Man.”

Guidelines to submit your entries:

  1. This is open to active SNAP members only.
    It’s easy to become a SNAP Member: just attend a meeting and register at  To maintain your status as an active member, you should have been able to come to at least one meeting in the past 12 months. We encourage everyone to participate in the meetings (the more the better, for us and your practice) and the calls for entry!
  2. You may submit up to 5 entries.
    The photos may have been captured using any photographic process and may be from any time period.
    Entries may have been submitted for earlier SNAP exhibits ONLY if they were not previously selected.
    Keep in mind the venue is a public space, with patrons of all ages and sensibilities.
  3. Naming of files: [NOTE, new option this time – experimenting with ways to help the juror]

Please name each file using one of the following methods (your choice!):
first initial+lastname_theme+entrynumber.jpg
first initial + lastname_keywords_theme+entrynumber.jpg
Example: Emily Passino’s first entry might  be named: epassino_connections1.jpg OR, if it would be helpful for the juror, I could add a keyword in the middle showing what  angle of the theme this particular photo is intended to represent: epassino_faith_connections1.jpg.

  1. Please submit all works as JPG files, with a minimum of 2000 pixels on the long side.
  2. Email all entries  to Within 3 days after submitting you will receive an email confirmation. If you don’t, please email us and ask!

Other useful information:

  • The juror will select up to 40 images for the show. The initial selection will be reviewed by the hotel, who will work with the juror to replace any that are not appropriate for the venue.
  • Framing details upon selection but the smallest framed-out size will be 16 x 20, or 16 x 16, and keep in mind that the hotel installs the photos with a tamper-proof method.
·        All work, unless indicated as NFS (not for sale) will be available for sale during the exhibit.  The purchaser will contact the artist directly, based on the title block information.  If you sell a work during the show, you may replace your piece with another image of your choosing as long as it fits the general theme, is roughly the same size, and is approved by the hotel.

Thank you all for your submissions and being part of another fantastic SNAP show!

Good luck and have fun!!


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