August Meeting Notes and Upcoming Happenings…

August Meeting Summary:

Emily Naff led an outstanding summer reading book discussion of David Ulrich’s Zen Camera.  One of the quotes she used to get our conversation rolling was early in the book: “Creativity, like Zen, can make us more present, awake and alive.” Through the following candid discussions of these ideas and of example photos some had sent in ahead of time, we learned where some of us feel more Zen/creative, how we consider “mistakes”, and how we can be open for “luck.”

Emily also guided us to be more explicit about what works in a photograph and why, improving our visual literacy or ability to express why some photos “work” better than others.  Here she drew upon Ulrich’s Visual Elements (frame, light, moment, color & tonality, and treatment of subject) while adding further concepts such as gesture, patterns, leading lines, negative space, and backgrounds..  Such conversations help make the difference between looking and seeing.
As a bonus, Emily closed with a wonderful exercise from NPR, “I Am” (, which draws on all five senses and could be another path to Zen Photography.
All in all, people in the room felt enriched and delighted with the sharing, so that at the suggestion of several people we will try to figure out ways to do more of this sharing of our work together more regularly in the future.  Thanks to Emily, and to all.

Other Meeting News

Several SNAP members are involved in area exhibits.
The Foto Friends have a show for the month of September at the Fairview Library, 2240 Fairview Blvd, Fairview, TN, with the opening reception September 7, 2019.  The theme is “Our Journeys” and will include work by Sue Henry, Sharon Brown Christopher, Mike Gannon, and Monte Arnold, as well as 2 other of their friends.
John Roeder has several photographs on display at Centennial Park Art Center’s show, “The Art of Craft” (, which will be on display through September 26th.
And the Chromatics show with Laura Carpenter, Denise Reagan, Janis Tomanek, Jo Fields, Sharon Brown Christopher and Susan Harrell continues.
Members might also want to submit photos for the Tennessee State Fair.  Registration deadline is August 23, with the artwork to be delivered next week, August 27-28.  See
New members may want to make sure they are included in all SNAP communications – see below.


*  August 31st: deadline for JCC submissions
*  September 5, 6:00-8:00, Opening reception for the Hotel Preston Show. Free tickets available at
*  September 24, 6:30-8:00, SNAP Meeting with John Partipilo discussing his selections for the Hotel Preston show
*  October 16, 6:30-8:30, Opening reception for the JCC show.
*  October 22, 6:30-8:30, SNAP Meeting with Shannon Randol discussing his selections for the JCC show..
*  November – no SNAP meeting. Possibly an informal planning session for 2020 – let Emily know if you want to be included.
*  December – date TBA, SNAP Holiday/Dirty Santa Gathering

May your next photo shoots be splendid!


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