January 2020 Meeting Notes

  • Guest Speaker: Caroline Allison
    • Photography includes landscapes and space, with many examples that she shared with us also on her website: http://www.carolineallison.com For Caroline, the camera is a vehicle to get us out of “regular” space.
    • Her work evokes deep social and historical roots
    • Artist in residency in Wisconsin
    • Lost Message
      • Work is landscape
      • Began photography in high school
      • Shoots commercial projects that feeds the personal project
      • Mostly interiors and landscapes 
      • Personal work – 4×5 – no zoom, slow process, plastic toyo
      • Color negative scanned into photoshop
    • A Common Place – 
      • returned to the south, began mapping landscapes through curiosity and wandering, places where something has happened, either historical or local history
      • Stephen Shore – documented prosaic places, ‘conscious attention’ 
      • Aleuthra – Island in the Bahamas
      • Francis Frith, Carlton Watkins – inspirations
      • Angel Oak, SC – 500 yrs old – recently saved by a group from suburban development 
      • Industrial plant
      • Twitty City
      • William Faulkner – window air conditioner
      • Defeated, TN à Difficult TN – obliterated landscape, site of civil war encampment
      • Bryant’s meat market 
      • The Hermitage dining room
      • Motown apartment
      • Hank Williams boyhood home
      • Cars, cars – represent changing landscape
    • Underground again
      • Message lost 
      • Coal mine – into empty warehouse
      • Charleston – Tidal creek – construction
      • The Mother Tree – one of the last surviving chestnut trees – took a year to get access
      • Slickaway Road – underground railroad
      • Panther Motel – hijackers checked out on 9/10
      • Hemlock at Sewanee – observations of time passage 
      • Elemental landscape from larger view of earth
      • Frozen Lake Winebago
      • Recycling, climate change – she did not think about as a child
      • Anna Atkins – ephemeral / cyanotypes / first photography book of british algae specimens
      • What things might not exist in future 
    • Snowball cyanotypes – freedom to experiment
      • Series of snowballs – begins looking galactic or celestial
    • Primal Landscapes that have harbored humankind – snow scenes 
    • Also small confined spaces
    • Did double exposures – mirrored – lake and Cumberland plateau
      • Reversed sheet of film to achieve effect
    • Moved to bamboo paper – salt/snow – bell weather of climate change
    • Soaked in super saturated salt water then dried – Crusted with salt
    • Cycles, seasons, cyanotype orb weaver webs 
    • Salt drops on cyanotype paper
      • Question on consistency of cyanotype process – Got materials at store, 2 bottle process
      • Question on scanning – does her own scanning of the negative
      • Captioning – knowing the history adds to the power of the photo
      • Next exhibit – Zeitgeist – 2021
      • Sewanee – exhibit

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