May 2020 Meeting Notes

We had the pleasure of welcoming our juror, Katie Mitchell, to discuss the SBC “Portals and Passageways” exhibit with us for our May meeting.  


Second Harvest – 

  • We have 2 volunteers to photograph operations; dates available through June at this point
  • Be mindful of background of participants

Gallery Fundraiser

  • Tamra working on options for the gallery; Wendy Whittemore has possible partnership with a printer; stay tuned for more details!

Next month’s meeting

  • Pechakucha – several SNAP members will be sharing ~12 of their images in a “show and tell” format. 
  • Meeting on Thursday to discuss 

Summer reading

  • David DuChemin – Within the Frame

Preston Hotel / JCC 

  • Determine approach to fall show – working with Preston to determine timing
  • Theme for Preston – the Truth of the South – places/people/things beyond the cliché 
  • Juror – John Trundle from MTSU
  • JCC Show should be in October
  • For general details about plans for these two shows see

MOMA is offering free classes

  • Kym is doing ‘history of photography’ 


  • Show is on web page – home page
  • Sai is posting on Instagram / Facebook every 2-3 days.
  • Thanks to Katie for her selections and thoughtful approach to critiques.

Notes from Katie’s discussion:  (See for her presentation and discussion with the group)

  • Portals and Passageways
  • 175 submissions – 32 selected
  • Inspirations/Examples:
    • Stanley Kubrick/2001 Space Oddessy
    • Gregory Crewdson/Twilight
    • Richard Serra – sculptor – The matter of time
  • Bill Lindsley, Iceland – great composition and color and textural elements
  • Al Wood – great leading lines and interconnectedness of trees – Wormslow state historic site
  • Denny Adcock, Up! –  interesting perspective textures and light. old historic smelting location
  • Durwood Edwards, Commanderie, Knights Templar – monastic feel/composition strong, light is delicate, square stone draws interest, contemporary/yet nostalgic
  • Durwood Edwards, Tennessee State Capitol – texture/light/perspective
  • Emily Helms, Summer Cottage – beautiful color! Interesting composition
  • Emily Passino, Evening fog – softness/atmosphere transition to harder, luscious contrast of wooden walkway – Maine 
  • Gerald Figal, Abduction – very striking use of lighting, sense of memory/blurred lines assist in the narrative, geometry assists to stabilize image. Montana tunnel – taken with an older digital camera
  • Janis Tomanek, Rise up – Fibonacci spiral – well balanced, geometric
  • Jo Fields, Façade – linear elements, Secret Garden reference, nostalgia, storybook. 
  • Kay Ramming, Beyond the Doors – Playing with interpretation of light and personality of the reflection. Painterly quality.  Glass doors going into the mansion at Cheekwood. Texture of tiles is painterly.
  • Kay Ramming, School’s Closed – perspective and nostalgia.  Monotony/drudgery of daily. Good use of light, leading lines. Saint Cecelia locker hallway.
  • Kimberly Manson, All Aboard – well-balanced and well-composed, good use of color. Nashville Star 
  • Kimberly Manson, Beyond the Shadows – great interplay of light/shadow, great use of linear elements, Scott Kelby Photowalk, Nolensville, TN.
  • Kimberly Manson, New life – figurative representation – baptism,  beautiful composition, texture/light
  • Kymberly Petty-Emrich, Before the Smoke – Steam-punk – liked closed off feel. Great geometry, good color palette. Holocaust memorial 
  • Leslie Gill, Socks – Color – fun use of color and composition, Havana, Cuba – as part of photo workshop – use of balconies as clothes dryer.
  • Michel Claire Bayer, Ocean Door – perspective linear, good subtleties,  appreciated restraint, texture of soft ocean with hard edges of columns.  Inviting image.
  • Michel Claire Bayer, Point Reyes – good use of leading lines, fading gradient of fog, good composition.
  • Mike Gannon, Into the Light – painterly esthetic.  Figures in the shadows walking into the light.  Contemporary. Google clip – what does the dog do during the day
  • Monte Arnold, Heads Bowed – reverence and personality of sunflowers. Sacred space, emphasis on the vertical, inviting. Provence – almost monochromatic, passage from life to death.
  • Monte Arnold, Reverent Reflections – color behind vantage point, skewed perspective. Taken at Rodney MS. 
  • Renee Lowery, Crosses – layered image – galaxy – beautiful illumination. The crosses and fence, depth.  Reduction of color is successful. 
  • Sandy Burr, Leaving – reminiscent of Dorothea Lange depression images,  the curtain activates the space – adds life and breath to image. Mississippi Delta 
  • Sandy Burr, The Approach – perspective of the two doors, variety of texture and value, Historic Hotel in Columbia used in civil war.
  • Sandy Burr, The Way to Salvation – balance of geometric and organic.  Vine and wire are linear aspects. Spots of illumination. Rodney MS
  • Sharon Brown Christopher, Beyond the Veil – painterly, soft image. Transition between warm and cool – very luminous almost iridescent. Threshold – invitation to liminal space between no longer to not yet. Drawn into the future that is unclear and beckoning. 
  • Susan Hay, Door is Open – nostalgia / blurring of definition of door and door frame. Door handle is the key element / memories of grandmother
  • Susan Hay, Unfiltered light – square frame matches the composition of the image. Textures
  • Susan WN Ruach, Doorway to ?? – composition, color, geometric. Taken at a friend’s condo.
  • Tamra Stallings, Driftwood – Rorschach – curves, color change in center. Savannah GA
  • Tamra Stallings, Time – layered image – double exposure