August Meeting Notes

We have the pleasure of welcoming Emily Naff for the Summer Book Talk on “Within the Frame” by David duChemin. 


  • Second Harvest Fundraiser: 41 photographers, 79 photos.  Spreading word on Instagram and Facebook now, with big push on August 31st, when gallery opens.  See Kudos to Tamra Stallings (website), Jo Fields (promos) and Sainadh Mallula (Instagram). 

•        JCC August 29 deadline; Submit up to 5.  See for details. Can have leeway on framing, as long as it can be hung on their hardware. JCC – likely no reception, but by appointment

•        Recorded meetings now on YouTube! At least three of them to date.  Note that there are also links on our website Sadly, I neglected a step in August, so our Summer Book Talk is not available.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • September 1 – Scott Davenport, thanks to Brentwood Photography Club. 

•        September 1st BPG Meeting – 7pm – Brentwood Photography Group invites SNAP to hear Scott Davenport presenting on Long Exposure Photography.  If you are not familiar with him, you can learn more about Scott here.


  • September 22 – Regular SNAP meeting via Zoom, 6:30: Stephen Coppell from Massachusetts, (
  • October 27 – – Regular SNAP meeting via Zoom, 6:30: JCC selections, critique by our juror Katy Delmez
  • November – no meeting
  • December – pot luck, Dirty Santa – remains to be seen if feasible; backup plan:  do this whenever we actually start meeting in person again!

Future Exhibits  

  • Hotel Preston now rescheduled for Jan-Apr 2021
  • Scarritt Bennett Center now to be in 2022

Summer Book Sharing, Within the Frame by David DuChemin/Emily Naff leading 

Meeting could not be recorded, so use the notes along with the screen shots of the images submitted on Google Drive.

Thumbnails for each chapter are inserted below. Also, there wasn’t time to discuss each of the photos, but all are included.

See the attached document for detailed notes and images.