September 2020 Meeting Notes

Upcoming Exhibits  

•       Hotel Preston now rescheduled for Jan-Apr 2021

•       JCC is October 2 through 10/31

Stephen Coppell for “Self-Expression through Imagery

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Business consultant

Creative Expression 

Image from Cape Cod

Self-Expression – EDI (Expressive Digital Imagery)

Have been out with his camera daily during the pandemic – it’s about the experience of taking the images

Robert Henri – painter – Quote about connection

Guy Tal – More than a Rock – quote

Quote from facebook follower 

Brewster Flats – sand, water, sky formed by glacial flow in the elbow of the cape.  7 x 1 mile and water is still up to knees

Allow the moment to evolve, become inspired 


·       Ripples – change on the Brewster Flats

·       Follow the dropping tide – island

·       Same composition in different times of year – fall/summer/winter/low tide/frozen/flowing lines

·       Freedom/space

·       Each tide changes the sand

·       Tide pools

·       Clouds and sky mirror the sand formations

·       Mary Oliver 

·       Toni Morrison – beauty

·       Drone photography – grace of the flowing water

·       Incoming tide sunset creates different shapes

·       Aaron Siskind

·       Sunset / crescent moon

·       Reflections when wind is low

·       Angel’s wings in the sky

·       Albert Einstein – mysterious

·       30 seconds – camera can see what eyes can’t

·       Fog / storms

·       Neowise 

·       Henri Cartier-Bresson – it is the photo that takes you

·       Offered vs Capture

·       Birds gather in fall

·       Abstract form – ICM to accentuate 

·       Sand swirls – drone

·       Abstract with clouds

·       Drone – river flow

Nikon D850 / 14-22mm lens

Lightroom luminosity masking

Guy Tal reference 

Ansel Adams – Moonrise – SOOC vs darkroom

·       Negative is score / print is performance

·       Print is artistic performance

Does print match your creative vision

ND – 6-stop just the right brightness/darkness – Breakthrough

Drone DJI Mavic 2 w/Hasselblad 24mm?

Mostly on tripod / and many longer exposures

Sense movement and flow of water 

Weathly – pristine surf and wonderful dunes / national seashore 

In the surf to immerse in the experience 

Can take shots down the coast, out to sea, back toward shore to the dunes

Sometimes camera gets wet

Rumi – the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you

20 sec exposure at dawn

Running retreats – try a 30 second exposure 

Sand patterns

Watch for footprints 

4” off the ground – intimate wide angle

Loren Eiseley – If there is magic on this planet, it is in water

Water – brushstrokes of nature, the landscape and water flow guides shot selection

Uses live view to take images

Shutter speeds are important to create the right effect

Clouds in the water – use burst mode to capture variety

Waves at the beach – walk out 100 ft at low tide 

“Nothing to photograph here” can create inspiring image 

Parallel movement of water to shore 

Sand bar created look of river rapids

Ralph Waldo Emerson – Patience quote

Panning camera along with waves with slower exposure to express movement of water

6 stop ND filter with ½ second shutter and panning

Water looking like clouds, started using waterproof casing

Dorothea Lange – instant out of time 

1/20th shutter speed creates fireworks effect

New work:

Underwater housing – wave tunnel / splashing / dramatic surf 

1 splash fireworks

Position yourself where the water is crashing

Dancing water

Tripod maintenance – Really Right Stuff – cleans it every couple of months

Lick your lens – the saliva forms a barrier

The principles apply regardless of location 

•       Return to same places and capture different images

•       Use your creative vision


The Cape Cod National Seashore

Brewster flats

EDI – enhancing self-expression and connection for patients and caregivers

Cancer institute – Dana Farber

Used Snapseed – create images to reflect journey of cancer 

•       Created non-profit institute to have art therapy for many conditions

•       Cancer / addiction / psychology

•       My road to renewal – layers told story

•       Picture of her sandwich

•       Finding peace in uncertainty – tree

•       Addiction – path least traveled

•       Bereaved trials – express outside vs inside 

•       Light in times of darkness – burnout

•       Recovery plan

•       Medical staff wearing images 


•       Ted talk – Steven Koppel

•       I started noticing colors again

•       My Moments is the name of the app

•       ExploreMyMoments – password

Overall takeaways:  more inspiration!