October 2020 Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes
SNAP Regular Meeting, October 27, 2020

  • Carl Lambert has agreed to be our next president!
  • We will have a planning meeting Saturday, November 14th at 10:00, via Zoom. Let Carl or Emily know if you’d like to join us.
  • DeShawn will have the annual show with the “Brighter Days” youth from 10-2 that same day, at Edgehill United Methodist Church, 1502 Edgehill Ave.
  • Robin Conover will present to the BPG next month.
  • Program: [Watch the Recording]
    Frist Museum Curator, Katie Delmez, will comment on the current show at the JCC.
    Carrie Mills, the JCC curator, will also comment. Click to view individual photos. And for an overview of the gallery walls, click here.
  • Introduction/Overview by Katie Delmez: Katie expressed the honor of curating the show. This is the first time I’ve had to “explain” my choices. Some background: normally when organizing an exhibition of a living artist, we work closely together – broad survey e.g., or focus on one body of work. So it’s collaborative. If it’s a group show, I have a theme in mind and then reach out to the artist/gallery to select works. So just picking works out of dropbox is different for me. So I’ve not been involved in the exhibition itself nor in providing written ideas/connections, etc. So I’ve just done a sliver. It was a pleasure to see the works. I’ve always been interested in social issues – how we think, see the world, use art as a bridge among people. But in the end I’m going to select works with high artistic merit. Now we do need to express all the pain as well as the silver lining. Which ones speak to this moment – hard parts and good parts. As well as some that transcended all that.
    I did see the installation. Some walls great; others a surprise (for me).
  • First an overview of the exhibition by Carrie Mills: I’ve been curating there 14-15 years at JCC. I came in though as artist (Plowhouse), then with gallery opening, I came on board. With most group shows, so much to consider. As curator, I’ve kept away from using a lot of verbiage; almost all visual. I walk, look, feel, look for stories. Start moving pictures around. I want someone to be pulled into the story. First Wall: Isolation theme. These gave me a feeling of isolation. Pedestals anchored the show. Second Wall: Protests, community. (still thinking about other galleries)
    Opposite Walls, first gallery. On left (Church, reflection), on right (
    Sig Held Gallery: color images, themes: (tornado, relationship with nature, impact with so much color.) Large pieces anchor the wall, then work from there out. Long wall, Sig Held Gallery: thinking about story both backward and forward. Protest, BLM, Tornado, nature. “Love” in the middle to be an anchor.

Individual works, as discussed by Katie Delmez

Al Levenson
#1: Late Light Murfreesboro rd: warmth, theme of America, covers a lot in one photo. We see things thru the current moment, even if taken before.
#2: Self Reflecting requested: yellow building: Buchanan St. Colors vibrant. Composition, light is great. Plus this has a wheat paste mural which has since faded.
Al Wood
#1: Rowing at sunrise. Beautiful, take a deep breath, soothing. Composition, horizon line, reflections. Taken off Hilton Head Island in Jan.
Bill Lindsley
What does the future hold? Beautiful, bands of color, lone figure: romantic painters. Insignificance. Scale.
DaShawn Lewis
#1: In Memory of: What’s happening in our country. Need the conversations. Angle from below, empty space of sky. Representative of all black men, all who have been part of tragedies, an archetypal tributes. Mask marks this moment in 2020.
#2: RIP Gustavo. Loved the grids/bars/crane. Liked it taken from below
#3: Untitled – 6.4: providing dates now is so important. Incredibly powerful – visual of Floyd – BLM poster. Two women who are clutching hands. Being vulnerable on the ground.
#4 Untitled – 8.10 ; zeroizing up on pedestal. Give her the prominence she deserves. Again shot from below. This is where statue was removed.
David Morel
#1: Reaching: perspective, intricacy of branches, the way its out of focus. Formally interesting. Denny Adcock
#1: American Gothic. Christ church. Org. religion, helping people in need, shelter, juxtaposition of Nashville, downtowns bachelorettes vs. homeless. Framed well. Detail of stone, person.
#2: Donelson Tornado 2020: Beautiful tree, sun coming thru, beauty that comes out of destruction.
#3: Russell St. 2020. another tornado shot. Marks the moment in Nashville. Drawn to red throughout, the tree shaved.
#4: Wind Dance; speaks to destruction, but ironic beauty that omes out. E. Nashville. Texture of clouds.
Emily Helms
#1: Books on Lockdown: squares, and horizontals, windows, awning. Reflections, light. “Closed” sign reminds us of times. Learning to pivot.
Emily Passino
#1: Endless Morning: drawn to it, diagonal, reflection, girl wi/doll. Where: Courthouse square. Simple yet much going on with framing.
#2: Justice: juxtaposing of this nice home with fence and walls with call for justice.
#3: safe Distance; couple of looks – then see foot, reflection. Med center at 100 oaks. Taken on iPhone.
#4:Shift change: sense the weight of medical People.
Kay Ramming
#1: Closed: timeless, in style of machine age photography

Kimberly Manson:
#1: Same but different. BLM. Off-centered is good. BLM, wires, We all have same elements but different. Juxtaposition.
#2 Streets during quarantine. So strange to see Nashville like this. Framing, lighting great.
Good to see perspective up the hill, not down.
#3: The trade: isolation, sadness, trading one outdated thing for another.
Laura Carpenter:
#1: Ashore. Pictorialist photo, with rowers for me, speaks to strange summer.
Lesley Gill
#1: Say His Name. Bricks in sun, figures with fists – top of photo versus bottom
#2: Take Your Knees Off: sign is powerful. Same day as #1.
#3: Hand on/hands off. Gloves are sign of times, mask in photos
Mary Rice
#1 Facing uncertainty: bold colors, simple composition, geometric forms. It’s upside down.
#2 What the world needs now. Emotional reprieve. Sometimes subtle is good too. Colors, geometric forms, textures, blue sky, street. Great photo
Mike Gannon
#1: Isolation: expresses what many are feeling, but ray of hope with light, dog. Framing is great. Almost like prison. Light is great. Pleasing
Pat Hollander
#1: Alone: Downtown Nashville. Neon, energy, but quiet
#2 Invisible. Garbage people in Hong Kong. Essential worker without credit feel
#3: Quarantine. Speaks to today’s situation. Captured the distance we feel. Nursing care.
#4: the message. Diversity of people participating. Tutu’s statement important. Street into background.
Rick Borchert:
#1: Parking garage. Scary movie feel, but angles/lights/grate: powerful
Rick Wise:
#1: Barn & Silo: great composition, lighting, reflection, horizon line, pleasing. Take a deep breath!
#2: Texting, but on the phone
Susan Harrell:
#1 Believe in Nashville; great combination of sky, bricks, windows, texture
#2: Doing my part: hay guy: sign of the times, but with levity
Wayne Thomas
#1: modified phase II: Well done. Great light, detail, composition, with aspect of eatery/bar not being evident at first
#2: Powerhouse blocks well done. Great shapes, color, textures.

Notes by BL – all mistakes mine…