January 2021 Invitation

** Upcoming year – Carl Lambert, new prez, has some terrific ideas for our meetings.  Plus he encourages those of you who haven’t come to the Zoom meetings to do so. “Tell them if I can do it, anyone can.”

** January SNAP meeting – 4th Tuesday as usual, January 26 at 6:30 via Zoom (Zoom details sent separately)
As mentioned in the December notes, ALL active members are invited to participate in this particular program by sharing 3 of your photos from 2020.  We will compile these for our January meeting, and feature them on our SNAP Instagram account.
    Send us 3 of your 2020 photos that you are most pleased with.  They can be representative of work you’re doing, or a new direction, or maybe part of a project you would like to promote.    
    This will be a very informal session, and nice to see what people have been up to.  Plus now that we have new followers on our Instagram account, it will be nice to introduce the varied work of our members to a wider audience.
We will compile the photos you submit into a Dropbox Folder, and during the meeting each photographer will have a couple of minutes to talk about the photos they are sharing.  Should be fun!  
Unless you request us not to, SNAP will then post your photos on our Instagram account, in a series introducing as many active members as possible.       
Details about deadlines, how to name the files etc are below:

Deadline: Sunday January 24, 8:00 p.m.

Images:  Keep them small – limit the size to 480 kb, with longest side 1200 pixels, resolution 72p

Naming:  FirstName_LastName_Title   example: Johnny_Smith_GreatPhoto, etc.

Send to:  

Email details:  Subject = New Year, plus let us know if it is okay to post to Instagram?  If not, that’s perfectly fine.  If yes, please add your Instagram account and/or your website.

We tried to give you an early heads up in our December notes, so you would have time to go through your files – but there’s still time!  Those of you who do the annual practice of going through your year’s work and identifying your top photos, will have a deadline to encourage you this year.  Others who have always meant to do this might give it a whirl. For those who haven’t been going out much this year – we bet you’ve still got some great photos!  For those of you hesitating (“am I an active member??”), if you’ve been coming to any of our meetings, recent via Zoom or earlier in person, you’re part of SNAP.  Share!