About SNAP

Mission Statement

The Society for Nashville’s Artistic Photographers provides a forum
for presenting and discussing member’s work
in formal and informal settings.
Members foster artistic growth through an open dialogue
of insightful criticism and feedback.
The group will endorse and engage in local and regional
photographic exhibitions and activities.
We are dedicated to inspiring photographers
and promoting photographic art in Nashville, Tennessee.


The History of SNAP

by Wendy Whittemore, Past SNAP President and Photographer

The informal group of photographers known as SNAP began in 2004.

Initially just a few people met at each other’s homes to show each other our
work, including current members Wendy Whittemore, Emily Naff and Carl Lambert.

There was a formal meeting held at the Family Wash with Mark Mosrie, Stacey
Irvin, Libby Rowe, Carl Lambert & Wendy Whittemore where we discussed having
an informal group for photographers that would concentrate on the creative
aspect of photography, not just the craft.

That is the meeting where we came up with
“SNAP – Society of Nashville’s Artistic Photographers.”
Mark, Stacey, Carl & Wendy continued with the idea and invited all the
Photographers they knew to a “new type of photography group”.
We met initially at the Plowhaus (17th & Fatherland), the name was voted on
and stuck. We never had a dues structure since the group was designed to
be operated at no cost, and open to any photographer.

In the beginning, it was very informal. About 8-15 people per meeting
showed up, most bringing prints to show. It must have been
Summer, because I remember sitting in a circle outside at one of the first
two meetings because it was so hot inside.

We planned a couple of shows including the first Pushpin Show and
the infamous Dirty Santa Print Swap. Over the years, there had been efforts
to organize more formally, creating committees, etc. but, because of the
organic nature of the group, they just never stuck.

We continued to grow more and more membership,
sponsored more “Pushpin” shows, and continued to work with other
Nashville art groups like “Untitled”. We also had our own members show work
at the Belcourt, Unitarian Church, and a many other spaces around town.
We also created a website for the group to showcase members work,
and improve communications.

After Plowhaus closed, we moved to the office of Aerial Innovations
for our meetings. It was at this time (around 2008) that I stepped down
as President, and Eric Denton took the reigns for the next two years.
We continued to meet in that space until 2010, and our current
President, John Brassil, took over the helm.

In 2012 Kay Ramming became President of SNAP and
continued monthly meetings and events at Dury’s Pro Shop.
January of 2016 Tom Keller will become the new President.

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