March Meeting Cancelled / SCB Exhibit Postponed

We will reschedule our March 24th PechaKucha panels – storytelling through photos – and re-assess whether the April meeting makes sense when we know more. The strategy of taking actions like “social distancing” in order to slow the spread of the outbreak so that our health care systems can cope feels like the socially responsible thing to do.We have also talked to Scarritt Bennett and are postponing the Portals and Passageways exhibit for at least one month. We will make the determination to proceed with a May-June show, or to postpone further and have only a June show in mid-April and will advise you as soon as we know. So un-mark your calendars for the previously announced installation on April 1st and reception on April 6th.It’s hard, isn’t it? Great programs, great exhibits, so much work and creativity by so many members – but we’ll be back together as soon as it makes sense. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves.


Meeting Notes 2-25-20


February Meeting Summary:

Thanks to Rich Seiling for sharing his thoughts on getting the most out of the expressive side of photography by understanding both your vision and your tools. Below is a quick summary of other items of interest as well as a general overview of his talk.  Detailed notes of his presentation can be found on our meetings page and under “Files” on our SNAP Facebook page. 

Meeting Calendar  

March 24: PechaKucha Part 1: A variety of SNAP members sharing 12 photos with brief commentary on their work, challenges, and/or learnings.

April 28 – Katie Mitchell, juror for the Scarritt Bennett Center “Portals &  Passageways,” a practicing artist and faculty member from Belmont University,  will share her thoughts on the pieces selected for the show

May 26 – Potentially the 2nd PechaKucha panel

Exhibit Dates

2/26 – deadline for Portals and Passageways – 8pm

4/1 – installation of Portals at SCB

Noon, deadline to drop off selected work

Mid-morning – mid-afternoon, hanging the show

Volunteers needed to help Kay Ramming
sign-up sheet tonight + at March meeting; keep date open!

4/6 – Opening reception for Portals & Passageways at SCB

 SNAP News

Today Emily was able to send our juror a file with 173 excellent photos submitted by 37 SNAP members for the SBC “Portals and Passageways” exhibit.  Our juror, Katie Mitchell, should have her selections ready within the next week. This should be another noteworthy show!

Website ( ) – Tamra Stallings has been working on a redesign of our website, which is now more readable & user-friendly – check it out!

Volunteers to scrutinize new site: Jo Fields/Bill Lindsley– Feedback from any and all also welcome

Instagram Photo Collective – an idea under development to increase both SNAP and individual photographers’ following and presence

Committee: David S Pineros, David Morel, Sai Nadh, Tamra Stallings, Jo Fields, Aisha Kaikai

New members may want to make sure they are included in all SNAP communications – see

Member News

Bill Lund – 4th year in a row to have a photo selected by B&W Magazine (13th in all!)

Jo Fields – Baldwin Gallery; Shots Quarterly Journal; A Smith Gallery workshop / poster with image

Denny Adcock/Carl Lambert and possibly Eric Denton

Artist collective “untitled” Arcade Blend Gallery – Saturday Art Crawl, 3/7

Emily Passino/Bill Gubbins – Juror for St Georges

“Unity” theme – spiritually based. Deadline March 6

Robin Conover Shutterbug contest – winners
Renee Lowry – Barn
Tamra Stallings– Palm Trees

Sandy Burr – Art Show at Lipscomb Academy 2/25-3/1

Robin Conover – Radnor Lake Workshop – April 10/11

Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop in L&C Tower downtown – Jo and Wayne Justus Thomas displaying until April 4.

·       Program Summary: (Details on SNAP website and Facebook page)

Rich Seiling – Crafting Photographs.  Rich gave us a lot to think about and learn from with his wealth of knowledge and his beautiful photographic work, but suffice it to say he is an excellent teacher.  He discussed the importance of craft in honing our photographic skills. However, he stressed how these skills should primarily support our vision to express our view of the world through our camera, and gave several real-world examples of what this means.  

His work can be seen at and, where you can subscribe to his email newsletter and also find  more information about the workshops you can attend.  

As a bonus, he gave away a seat to one of his workshops, as well as two of his excellent prints. Thanks, Rich!

General Notes SNAP Meeting

January 2020 Meeting Notes

January Meeting Summary:
Thanks to Caroline Allison for sharing her thoughtful and historic landscapes with us. Detailed notes

below after a quick summary of other items of interest before her talk.

Remembering Tom Keller
o Thanks to Sharon Brown Christopher for leading us in a short session to remember Tom

Keller, former SNAP president, who unexpectedly died last week. Among other stories and ideas, we remembered Tom as a classy guy, kind, great eye for photography, generous, lots of grace; inviting thoughtful conversations; Bad at directions, Loved red convertibles, Didn’t have a cell phone; Veteran, Scholar, Longtime SNAP member who will be missed. For all that has been, thanks; for all that will be – Yes; So be it (Dag Hammerstein)

Upcoming Exhibit
o Call for Entry for our April-June show at Scarritt Bennett Center should be finalized within a

few days – Theme: Portals and Passageways; Juror: Katie Mitchell from Belmont University – Be thinking: Doors, gates, openings, passages or connections between places or moments. people in transit/on a journey/ on the cusp of change; . transitions between space and time, with thresholds that may be concrete or implied.

o Pick up your prints from Hotel Preston

  • Upcoming SNAP Meeting o February 25, 6:30-8:00, 2964 Sidco Drive, Rich Seiling. See Rich will discuss “crafting photographs” which will include considerations of the technical as well as the creative side of this endeavor
  • Other News

o Sai sold a print at the recent Hotel Preston Gallery exhibit!
o Jo Fields – “Trust the Story” at Baldwin Photographic Gallery at MTSU, Murfreesboro,

February 10 – 7pm Baldwin photographic o Jen Vogus

Parthenon – Jen Vogus/Able Voices through Feb 2

Vanderbilt/Peabody Kennedy Center – “Kindred Stories” through March
o Sandy Burr – Trinity School near Atlanta weekend of 1/31
o Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop in L&C Tower downtown – Jo and Wayne Justus Thomas

displaying until March 6

Guest Speaker: Caroline Allison

Photography includes landscapes and space, with many examples that she shared with us also on her website: For Caroline, the camera is a vehicle to get us out of “regular” space.

Her work evokes deep social and historical roots

Artist in residency in Wisconsin

Lost Message

Work is landscape

Began photography in high school

Shoots commercial projects that feeds the personal project

Mostly interiors and landscapes 

Personal work – 4×5 – no zoom, slow process, plastic toyo

Color negative scanned into photoshop

A Common Place – 

returned to the south, began mapping landscapes through curiosity and wandering, places where something has happened, either historical or local history

Stephen Shore – documented prosaic places, ‘conscious attention’ 

Aleuthra – Island in the Bahamas

Francis Frith, Carlton Watkins – inspirations

Angel Oak, SC – 500 yrs old – recently saved by a group from suburban development 

Industrial plant

Twitty City

William Faulkner – window air conditioner

Defeated, TN à Difficult TN – obliterated landscape, site of civil war encampment

Bryant’s meat market 

The Hermitage dining room

Motown apartment

Hank Williams boyhood home

Cars, cars – represent changing landscape

Underground again

Message lost 

Coal mine – into empty warehouse

Charleston – Tidal creek – construction

The Mother Tree – one of the last surviving chestnut trees – took a year to get access

Slickaway Road – underground railroad

Panther Motel – hijackers checked out on 9/10

Hemlock at Sewanee – observations of time passage 

Elemental landscape from larger view of earth

Frozen Lake Winebago

Recycling, climate change – she did not think about as a child

Anna Atkins – ephemeral / cyanotypes / first photography book of british algae specimens

What things might not exist in future 

Snowball cyanotypes – freedom to experiment

Series of snowballs – begins looking galactic or celestial

Primal Landscapes that have harbored humankind – snow scenes 

Also small confined spaces

Did double exposures – mirrored – lake and Cumberland plateau

Reversed sheet of film to achieve effect

Moved to bamboo paper – salt/snow – bell weather of climate change

Soaked in super saturated salt water then dried – Crusted with salt

Cycles, seasons, cyanotype orb weaver webs 

Salt drops on cyanotype paper

Question on consistency of cyanotype process – Got materials at store, 2 bottle process

Question on scanning – does her own scanning of the negative

Captioning – knowing the history adds to the power of the photo

Next exhibit – Zeitgeist – 2021

Sewanee – exhibit

SNAP Meeting

Holiday Party

Thursday, December 5th, 6:30 – 8:30 Holiday Gathering, at TECA –will include our traditional Dirty Santa photo swap, as well as potluck food and beverages.

Address: 2964 Sidco Drive, Nashville, TN 37204. Park out front in visitor’s lot, or around to the side/back. Entrance to the building is at the front, at the visitor’s lot. Avoid any parking spots with the neighbor design company’s signs.

More about the holiday gathering: We welcome everyone who has been coming to SNAP meetings, even if this is your first year to start participating with us.

  • Food and/or drinks to share (SNAP volunteers will provide paper goods, cups, utensils – but if your dish needs a serving spoon/fork/knife, please bring that as well)
    • Food – it always works out that there is a great assortment of appetizer/finger foods, “main” and “side” dishes, and desserts – just bring whatever you’d like to share and it will work out.
    • Beverages – adult beverages as well as non-alcoholic drinks are needed; it seems that “enough” people seem to bring drinks so that it pretty much always works out in this department too.
  • One great photo, wrapped or in an envelope, with nothing to identify the photographer
    • The photos are piled on a table for a swap. Each of us who brings a photo gets a number, and gets to pick a random photo – which, in the Dirty Santa Swap style, may get “stolen,” in which case you get to pick another photo, and so forth and so on. Rules will be more clear when you are there. The point is, everyone who brings a photo gets to go home with a photo by someone else.
    • What do we mean by a “great” photo? Bring one of your best photos which not only is a good example of your best work, but which has also been printed nicely. You don’t need to mat it, and you certainly shouldn’t frame it. It should be in the range of 8×10 – 11×14 (of course squares are fine).