Portals and Passageways

Below are the images that were selected by our juror Katie B Mitchell (#katiebmitchell), Belmont University Gallery Director,  for an exhibit at the  Scarritt Bennett Center Laskey Gallery,  April – June 2020. The photographs selected explore the nuances of portals, passages or connections between places or moments.With the show cancelled because of the COVID-19 sheltering at home, the concept of transitions between space and time seems unexpectedly appropriate.

If you are interested in purchasing a photo, email us at


June 2020 Meeting Notes

We have the pleasure of welcoming SNAP members to participate in Pechakucha. A recording of the meeting is here. The times listed below will help you find each presenter.

First,Susan Ruach 

At ~14:20, Al Wood 

At ~27:25, Wayne Thomas

At ~40:52, Kimberly Mason

At ~56:10, Bill Lindsley 

At ~1:05:35, DaShawn Lewis


  • Volunteers for tonight

Taking notes 

Helping divide tonight’s recording into specific shorter presentations (each photographer)

  • Second Harvest Fundraiser
  • Gallery under construction; partnership with Chromatics set; Call for Donations out soon.  
  • Deadline July 25th. Volunteers needed: 

helping Tamra populate the gallery in late July-August 

assistance for members getting their photos “print ready” for Chromatics; 

second set of eyes confirming entries meet print standards; 

promotion of event

Upcoming Meetings

  • July 28 – iPhone Wizardry – Camera apps, Processing Apps, Additional Resources, a robust discussion led by Sue Henry, Susan Ruach and Sharon Brown Christopher
  • Aug 18 ß note that this is a week earlier than our regular meeting
    Emily Naff leading our summer reading, David DuChemin’s Within the Frame, (2nd Ed)
  • Sept 22 – potential speaker from Stephen Maine
    • Utilize funds and donations 
  • Oct 27 – Katie del May – juror for JCC
  • Nov – Traditionally skipped due to Thanksgiving
  • Dec – Shall we consider an in-person photo swap?

Upcoming Exhibits  

  • Hotel Preston now rescheduled for Jan-Apr 2021
  • JCC still a go for October

•       Call for Entry ~mid- July

•       Deadline ~late August/early Sept

•       “Open” no theme

Past Exhibits  

  • Scarritt Bennett “Portals & Passageways” – Instagram, Facebook and on our website.

May 2020 Meeting Notes

We had the pleasure of welcoming our juror, Katie Mitchell, to discuss the SBC “Portals and Passageways” exhibit with us for our May meeting.  


Second Harvest – 

  • We have 2 volunteers to photograph operations; dates available through June at this point
  • Be mindful of background of participants

Gallery Fundraiser

  • Tamra working on options for the gallery; Wendy Whittemore has possible partnership with a printer; stay tuned for more details!

Next month’s meeting

  • Pechakucha – several SNAP members will be sharing ~12 of their images in a “show and tell” format. 
  • Meeting on Thursday to discuss 

Summer reading

  • David DuChemin – Within the Frame

Preston Hotel / JCC 

  • Determine approach to fall show – working with Preston to determine timing
  • Theme for Preston – the Truth of the South – places/people/things beyond the cliché 
  • Juror – John Trundle from MTSU
  • JCC Show should be in October
  • For general details about plans for these two shows see

MOMA is offering free classes

  • Kym is doing ‘history of photography’ 


  • Show is on web page – home page
  • Sai is posting on Instagram / Facebook every 2-3 days.
  • Thanks to Katie for her selections and thoughtful approach to critiques.

Notes from Katie’s discussion:  (See for her presentation and discussion with the group)

  • Portals and Passageways
  • 175 submissions – 32 selected
  • Inspirations/Examples:
    • Stanley Kubrick/2001 Space Oddessy
    • Gregory Crewdson/Twilight
    • Richard Serra – sculptor – The matter of time
  • Bill Lindsley, Iceland – great composition and color and textural elements
  • Al Wood – great leading lines and interconnectedness of trees – Wormslow state historic site
  • Denny Adcock, Up! –  interesting perspective textures and light. old historic smelting location
  • Durwood Edwards, Commanderie, Knights Templar – monastic feel/composition strong, light is delicate, square stone draws interest, contemporary/yet nostalgic
  • Durwood Edwards, Tennessee State Capitol – texture/light/perspective
  • Emily Helms, Summer Cottage – beautiful color! Interesting composition
  • Emily Passino, Evening fog – softness/atmosphere transition to harder, luscious contrast of wooden walkway – Maine 
  • Gerald Figal, Abduction – very striking use of lighting, sense of memory/blurred lines assist in the narrative, geometry assists to stabilize image. Montana tunnel – taken with an older digital camera
  • Janis Tomanek, Rise up – Fibonacci spiral – well balanced, geometric
  • Jo Fields, Façade – linear elements, Secret Garden reference, nostalgia, storybook. 
  • Kay Ramming, Beyond the Doors – Playing with interpretation of light and personality of the reflection. Painterly quality.  Glass doors going into the mansion at Cheekwood. Texture of tiles is painterly.
  • Kay Ramming, School’s Closed – perspective and nostalgia.  Monotony/drudgery of daily. Good use of light, leading lines. Saint Cecelia locker hallway.
  • Kimberly Manson, All Aboard – well-balanced and well-composed, good use of color. Nashville Star 
  • Kimberly Manson, Beyond the Shadows – great interplay of light/shadow, great use of linear elements, Scott Kelby Photowalk, Nolensville, TN.
  • Kimberly Manson, New life – figurative representation – baptism,  beautiful composition, texture/light
  • Kymberly Petty-Emrich, Before the Smoke – Steam-punk – liked closed off feel. Great geometry, good color palette. Holocaust memorial 
  • Leslie Gill, Socks – Color – fun use of color and composition, Havana, Cuba – as part of photo workshop – use of balconies as clothes dryer.
  • Michel Claire Bayer, Ocean Door – perspective linear, good subtleties,  appreciated restraint, texture of soft ocean with hard edges of columns.  Inviting image.
  • Michel Claire Bayer, Point Reyes – good use of leading lines, fading gradient of fog, good composition.
  • Mike Gannon, Into the Light – painterly esthetic.  Figures in the shadows walking into the light.  Contemporary. Google clip – what does the dog do during the day
  • Monte Arnold, Heads Bowed – reverence and personality of sunflowers. Sacred space, emphasis on the vertical, inviting. Provence – almost monochromatic, passage from life to death.
  • Monte Arnold, Reverent Reflections – color behind vantage point, skewed perspective. Taken at Rodney MS. 
  • Renee Lowery, Crosses – layered image – galaxy – beautiful illumination. The crosses and fence, depth.  Reduction of color is successful. 
  • Sandy Burr, Leaving – reminiscent of Dorothea Lange depression images,  the curtain activates the space – adds life and breath to image. Mississippi Delta 
  • Sandy Burr, The Approach – perspective of the two doors, variety of texture and value, Historic Hotel in Columbia used in civil war.
  • Sandy Burr, The Way to Salvation – balance of geometric and organic.  Vine and wire are linear aspects. Spots of illumination. Rodney MS
  • Sharon Brown Christopher, Beyond the Veil – painterly, soft image. Transition between warm and cool – very luminous almost iridescent. Threshold – invitation to liminal space between no longer to not yet. Drawn into the future that is unclear and beckoning. 
  • Susan Hay, Door is Open – nostalgia / blurring of definition of door and door frame. Door handle is the key element / memories of grandmother
  • Susan Hay, Unfiltered light – square frame matches the composition of the image. Textures
  • Susan WN Ruach, Doorway to ?? – composition, color, geometric. Taken at a friend’s condo.
  • Tamra Stallings, Driftwood – Rorschach – curves, color change in center. Savannah GA
  • Tamra Stallings, Time – layered image – double exposure

March Meeting Cancelled / SCB Exhibit Postponed

We will reschedule our March 24th PechaKucha panels – storytelling through photos – and re-assess whether the April meeting makes sense when we know more. The strategy of taking actions like “social distancing” in order to slow the spread of the outbreak so that our health care systems can cope feels like the socially responsible thing to do.We have also talked to Scarritt Bennett and are postponing the Portals and Passageways exhibit for at least one month. We will make the determination to proceed with a May-June show, or to postpone further and have only a June show in mid-April and will advise you as soon as we know. So un-mark your calendars for the previously announced installation on April 1st and reception on April 6th.It’s hard, isn’t it? Great programs, great exhibits, so much work and creativity by so many members – but we’ll be back together as soon as it makes sense. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves.


Meeting Notes 2-25-20


February Meeting Summary:

Thanks to Rich Seiling for sharing his thoughts on getting the most out of the expressive side of photography by understanding both your vision and your tools. Below is a quick summary of other items of interest as well as a general overview of his talk.  Detailed notes of his presentation can be found on our meetings page and under “Files” on our SNAP Facebook page. 

Meeting Calendar  

March 24: PechaKucha Part 1: A variety of SNAP members sharing 12 photos with brief commentary on their work, challenges, and/or learnings.

April 28 – Katie Mitchell, juror for the Scarritt Bennett Center “Portals &  Passageways,” a practicing artist and faculty member from Belmont University,  will share her thoughts on the pieces selected for the show

May 26 – Potentially the 2nd PechaKucha panel

Exhibit Dates

2/26 – deadline for Portals and Passageways – 8pm

4/1 – installation of Portals at SCB

Noon, deadline to drop off selected work

Mid-morning – mid-afternoon, hanging the show

Volunteers needed to help Kay Ramming
sign-up sheet tonight + at March meeting; keep date open!

4/6 – Opening reception for Portals & Passageways at SCB

 SNAP News

Today Emily was able to send our juror a file with 173 excellent photos submitted by 37 SNAP members for the SBC “Portals and Passageways” exhibit.  Our juror, Katie Mitchell, should have her selections ready within the next week. This should be another noteworthy show!

Website ( ) – Tamra Stallings has been working on a redesign of our website, which is now more readable & user-friendly – check it out!

Volunteers to scrutinize new site: Jo Fields/Bill Lindsley– Feedback from any and all also welcome

Instagram Photo Collective – an idea under development to increase both SNAP and individual photographers’ following and presence

Committee: David S Pineros, David Morel, Sai Nadh, Tamra Stallings, Jo Fields, Aisha Kaikai

New members may want to make sure they are included in all SNAP communications – see

Member News

Bill Lund – 4th year in a row to have a photo selected by B&W Magazine (13th in all!)

Jo Fields – Baldwin Gallery; Shots Quarterly Journal; A Smith Gallery workshop / poster with image

Denny Adcock/Carl Lambert and possibly Eric Denton

Artist collective “untitled” Arcade Blend Gallery – Saturday Art Crawl, 3/7

Emily Passino/Bill Gubbins – Juror for St Georges

“Unity” theme – spiritually based. Deadline March 6

Robin Conover Shutterbug contest – winners
Renee Lowry – Barn
Tamra Stallings– Palm Trees

Sandy Burr – Art Show at Lipscomb Academy 2/25-3/1

Robin Conover – Radnor Lake Workshop – April 10/11

Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop in L&C Tower downtown – Jo and Wayne Justus Thomas displaying until April 4.

·       Program Summary: (Details on SNAP website and Facebook page)

Rich Seiling – Crafting Photographs.  Rich gave us a lot to think about and learn from with his wealth of knowledge and his beautiful photographic work, but suffice it to say he is an excellent teacher.  He discussed the importance of craft in honing our photographic skills. However, he stressed how these skills should primarily support our vision to express our view of the world through our camera, and gave several real-world examples of what this means.  

His work can be seen at and, where you can subscribe to his email newsletter and also find  more information about the workshops you can attend.  

As a bonus, he gave away a seat to one of his workshops, as well as two of his excellent prints. Thanks, Rich!


August Meeting Notes and Upcoming Happenings…

August Meeting Summary:

Emily Naff led an outstanding summer reading book discussion of David Ulrich’s Zen Camera.  One of the quotes she used to get our conversation rolling was early in the book: “Creativity, like Zen, can make us more present, awake and alive.” Through the following candid discussions of these ideas and of example photos some had sent in ahead of time, we learned where some of us feel more Zen/creative, how we consider “mistakes”, and how we can be open for “luck.”

Monthly Meeting Reminder…


Next Tuesday, February 26, 6:30-8:00, we’re delighted to have Audrey Molloy join us to talk about Trends in Contemporary Photography/Visual Storytelling. Audrey is not only a photographer but also an arts writer, independent educator, and critic currently based in Nashville.


>> ALSO, remember to bring a few prints of your current work/projects to share informally with the group – a chance to get feedback and share ideas.

Good news – Beth Gorham, the curator for our current show at Nashville State Community College, will be able to speak with us at our March meeting (3/26). Plus, the show will remain on display at their art gallery in the “H” Building through March 27th. Dates to pick up your work are Thursday/Friday, March 28 & 29, from 8:00 – 5:00.

Jerry Park will be speaking to us about his new book and publishing this summer.

Finally, the Frist outing for April has been confirmed – mark your calendar for Thursday, April 25th, at 6:00pm (different day, different time). More details/sign-up to follow.

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Perspectives Exhibition Change of Venue!

SNAP just got word from Provence that they are starting a major renovation the day after Thanksgiving, which means two very important things:
(1) All current artwork needs to be picked up immediately – or at the very latest, Wed November 22nd.
(2)  The cafe is going in a new direction, so SNAP won’t be able to show our work at this location.  The new Director of Operations for Provence said, “We are so grateful for the long-standing partnership we have had and all of the beautiful art and photography that has been displayed.”  We conveyed to her that we were also very appreciative of this partnership, of course.
Luckily we have an alternative venue for our Perspectives Show – the JCC will give us the long wall in the gallery where we did a push-pin show in 2016.  The show in the large gallery will compliment our show, and the space in the smaller gallery where we’ll have our photos will have TACA pieces, so should get a lot of traffic.  The show will just be up for the month of December.
          * Pieces selected by juror to be delivered on December 1st by mid-morning
          * Artist reception:  December 6th
          * Pieces picked up:  End of the month
For 2018 we are actively searching for other venues.  Our arrangements may be different than what we enjoyed at Provence – but our goal is to still do 4 shows a year (including or in addition to the JCC annual show).  We may find multiple places that would give us a month or two, for example – We may find one great place just like Provence – who knows?  But we need your help.  Shoot any ideas you have to and I’ll share with the planning committee.
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SNAP Notes…


Sunday, April 24 is World Wide Pin Hole Photography Day! Our guest speakers for our Aprilpinhole
26 SNAP meeting, Denny Adcock and Gerald Figal have organized a pin hole shoot as part of this event. Interested persons meet on Sunday at the Carillon at the Bicentennial Mall around 1pm. There should be adequate parking in that area. Denny has a pin hole Nikon body cap he can loan and Gerald has a couple of cameras. Gerald is also willing to process and scan B/W film.

For details you can contact him: This should be an informative and fun shoot, so if you are just beginning your pin hole journey or are an old China hand, be sure to turn out. “At the meeting we’ll talk about what we shot, with emphasis on the variety of things one can do with a pinhole camera, things not easily done with lens cameras.”

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Looking for Photo Magazines?

A great collection of photography magazines that you should consider subscribing to was compiled and posted online. Thanks Tom Keller for sharing:

30 Photography Magazines


SNAP Membership List…Action Required!

SNAP Members…

We are working to getting a list of all active members in order improve communications and verify eligibility for SNAP Exhibits.  We have numerous different collections of names and partial data, but nothing that is thorough and accurate.  So, we are requesting every member to access an online form and enter your information. This information will be kept internal and never shared outside of the club.

Please make every effort to get this completed sooner than later.  All members must complete the form prior to submitting for the SNAP exhibit at the JCC this summer. So, don’t risk not having your images accepted in the show because your information is not entered.

To access the form, click here

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to email me or ask it on the Yahoo message group.

David Morel

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“Road through Midnight”at TN Museum…

Copyright Jessica Ingram

Still another opportunity to see some good photography in Nashville. An exhibit by Nashville native Jessica Ingram, Road through Midnight: A Civil Rights Memorial”, is at the TN State Museum.  This Saturday, Feb. 27th, from 1-4, Ingram will discuss her work and moderate a distinguished panel of artists and historians who will speak about this very important time in American history. For more information, click here.


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Member Spotlight: Kay Ramming…

For our first member spotlight we chose Kay Ramming who recently finished a lengthy term as our President and beloved leader.

1. How did you get started in photography?

I lived all my life in Los Angeles and Southern California until moving to a very small town in Wisconsin.  Shortly after arriving in Baraboo I realized even though my husband ran one of the biggest manufacturing plants in town, no one was really interested in me!.  This was something I was not used to, so I took myself off to the University of Wisconsin to see what I could find.  After trying many different art classes I found photography.  Wow!  It seemed like magic when the print would appear in the tray in the darkroom, and I still love seeing that today!

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History of Photography in 5 minutes…

A great little video with the history of photography was shared by The Cooperative of Photography.  Check it out…

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Call for Entries: Arts at the Airport


The Nashville International Airport has announced their annual “Flying Solo” call for entries for art to enhance the airport and travelers’ experiences. The deadline for submissions is March 31st.