Overview of Planned Shows

Three venues have booked SNAP for shows this coming year. Each is described below. Note that we work closely with the juror to develop a statement for the call for entry, so the ideas included in the themes are just a starting point. In addition, we make sure the venue is comfortable with the description as well. But we always get input from the juror, what to emphasize, how to define, etc.

We also work with the juror to see how much time they want between the closure date and the selection announcement.   In general we block out a particular week that they want, and set deadlines etc around that.  We try to give our members 3 weeks between announcement and drop off date to print/frame, etc.

Typical schedule:  10 weeks before show opening we put out the call for submissions, giving people about 8 weeks to respond. The juror then has a week (or so) to turn around the selections, and then members have 3 wks to prep for the show.  We have had to compress this, and give members less time to respond, or less time for preparation after selection, depending on juror’s needs and other factors such as holidays, etc.  Each juror is different, some take the full week, some seem to do it in a couple of days, occasionally life happens and they have to take a little more time. We keep the selection announcement date general (e.g., “mid-November”), to allow maximum flexibility.

SNAP provides the juror with a Dropbox folder containing anonymized images, and an empty folder for the selections to be copied into. Lastly, we try to schedule the Juror Critique at a SNAP Meeting ideally while show is up, but exceptions are possible.

Exhibits for 2020

Scarritt Bennett Center — April- June 2020

Juror: Katie Mitchell, MFA, Lecturer & Director of Galleries, Belmont University
Call for Entry: Mid-January. Deadline: Late February. Juror Review: Early March
Number of submissions expected: 100-125
Number of images to be selected: TBD soon; est. 30

Working Theme: Portals & Passageways
Photographs selected for this exhibit will explore the nuances of portals. Doors, gates, openings, passages or connections between places or moments. Images can range from identifiable objects (doors, gates, play of light) to subliminal abstract images reflecting the photographer’s interpretation of the theme. Images may include a human element as well, perhaps people in transit/on a journey/ on the cusp of change.

The intention of this show is to explore transitions between space and time, with thresholds that may be concrete or implied. It is expected that certain compositional elements (light, shadow, shapes, lines) will reinforce the idea of the passageway as experienced by individuals and cultures.

Hotel Preston – September-December 2020

Juror: TBA
Call for Entry: Mid June. Deadline: Late July. Juror Review: Early August
Number of submissions expected: ~150 (past two years: 120 & 168
Number of images to be selected: 45

Theme: The Truth of the South

Past Exhibits: