Image Submission Guidelines

Sending your Images in for Sharing, Shows, and Events:

Images submitted to SNAP should be in JPEG form.

Images should be sized as close as possible to 850 pixels on the longest side of the image.

Images should be labeled with Photographer’s First and Last Name, and Title, using underscores, in the following format:


Examples: John_Smith_Kittens.jpg -or- Tom_Jones_Old_Farm_Tractor.jpg

Please do not submit photos named like this:


and clean up your titles to avoid notations that only you understand


It IS perfectly acceptable for your photo to have as a TITLE, “Untitled”, or a Number/Alpha Sequence.


Submitted images for photo sharing and other events usually end up in a
gallery on the website. This size is good for a variety of reasons, but
PLEASE READ the fine print on the particular show or event you are
participating in (on the Shows and Events Page) because some shows
may require slightly larger or different size images for submission.


All submitted work is copyrighted by SNAP members.
By submitting images to this website, you authorize the sole use of those images on this website, for the use of promoting the photographers, promoting shows and events, and listing in this website’s online galleries.

Any other use of submitted photographs, including copying and downloading photographers work
from this website, is strictly prohibited.