Currently S.N.A.P has no costs associated with being a member of the group.
Members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings and become involved as much
as possible with the events, shows, and outings that are organized by the members.

Membership, in alphabetical order:

Holly Ables
Denny Adcock
Mike Allgood
Chuck Arlund
Jerry Atnip
Kevin Barbieux
Kelly Beard
Paul Beavers
Bob Berg
John Brassil
Rusty Bright
Jim Bruner
Landry Butler
Samantha Callahan
Shane Callahan
Micah Caputo
Laura Carpenter
Jim Christain
Ron Coons
Colleen Curtis
Nicholas Dantona
Eric Denton
Durwood Edwards
Stefan Engström
Courtney Nikki Etienne
Jay Farkas
Gerald Figal
Sara Figal
Virgil Fox
Jeff Frazier
Mike Gannon
Tamara Gentuso
Sonny Michiels Ghanem
Weldon Godfrey
Eric L Hansen
Shamazz Harris
Eric Henderson
Sue Henry
Barbara Herd
Judith Hill
Lushene Holt
Stacey Irvin
Kim Jenkins
Shelley Justiss
Beth Keener
Tom Keller
Darrell Klein
Carl Lambert
Franne Lee
Rob Lindsay
Lisa Long
Renee Lowery
Jo Mascellino
Nikki Mckinzie
Larry Merin
Dirk Mooth
David Morel
Emily Robinson Naff
Barry A. Noland
Lucius Outlaw
Jerry Park
John Partipillo
Emily Passino
Rebekah Pope
Robbie Quinn
Kay Ramming
Mary Rice
Susan Ruach
Andee Rudloff
Wolfgang Sauermann
Wanda-Lynn Searles
Wade Sears
Cory Smith
Martha Smith
Rick Smith
Brent Spears
Stanton Tubb
Mark Vann
Ronell Venter
Pierre Vreyen
Brent Weedman
Chad Wilkerson
Wayne Wilkerson
Zak Willis
Jerry Winnett
Wendy Whittemore