September Notes…

August Meeting and Key Upcoming Happenings

Wendy Whittemore and Stacy Irvin, jurors from Lexus show on “Motion” held a very helpful and enlightening discussion about their selections.  Stacey couldn’t be there in person, but sent her notes, which are attached.(!)  Wendy opened the discussion by giving a brief history of how motion has famously been used in photography, to stop motion (the milk drop, the horse’s legs), to capture a decisive moment (Cartier-Bresson);  the obsession with super sharpness in sports made possible with fast lenses, and the variety of ways to create dynamic tension including such things as “lines,” background/foreground deferentially blurred, and more.

As for why certain photos selected particularly when there were multiple entries kind of similar, Wendy said that sometimes it was the cropping, the point of focus, the exposure, dirt spots, or over-processing, as well as “does this photo make us feel like we’re moving.”  As she/they discussed the photos in the show, there were several comments on the “space” in the frame, the focal point, the use of color/B&W (with color essential for some, and B&W essential for others), and the “balance” of the whole image.

We thank them both – excellent show and great comments.


Upcoming SNAP activities.


Sept 5 6:30-8:30, Artist Reception, JCC
Sept 18th Special Night for the meeting!

6:30 – 8:00 Regular SNAP Meeting,

Tamara Reynolds with juror critique of JCC show

We will once again be at our new home, the community room at the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. Address:  2964 Sidco Drive, Nashville, TN 37204.  Park out front in visitor’s lot, or around to the side/back where the TECA has private parking which is okay after 5:30.  Entrance to the building is at the front, at the visitor’s lot. Avoid any parking spots with the neighbor design company’s signs.

Oct 23 6:30 – 8:00 Regular SNAP Meeting.

Roundtable discussion on portraits, led by Stefan Engstrom and featuring David Morel, Monte Arnold, Aisha Kaikai, Bill Lund and Sai Mallula

Nov 27 6:30 – 8:00 Regular SNAP Meeting.

Robin Conovor, discussing landscape photography and the world of magazines

Dec 10 6:30 – 8:00 Holiday Gathering, TECA – more details later, but will include our traditional Dirty Santa photo swap, as well as potluck food and beverages.


General S.N.A.P. Information

Harking back to our roots to be an informal group of Nashville photographers concentrating on the creative aspect of photography,  our plan this year is to experiment with a few “topic driven” meetings.  We want our meetings to enable SNAP members to share what they know and/or are learning and working on.  We have the advantage of being small enough for people to actually have active conversations when we get together so we want to take advantage of this.

To be included in SNAP meetings, announcements, exhibits, and the like:

  1. Register at Note, this is required in order to participate in our exhibitions.
  2. To be added to the primary mailing group, go to and sign up.
  3. To get regular notifications of the website blog updates, go to, and “follow” the SNAP Blog via Email.
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Key contact information:

General inquiries, correspondence to SNAP leadership:

August Meeting Notes…

July Meeting and Key Upcoming Happenings

 Lively juror critique by two well respected photojournalists, Larry McCormack and Lacey Atkins regarding the Hotel Preston show “Sense of Place”. In addition to getting a glimpse into the duo’s thought process regarding their selections,  we laughed together at the end when they observed, “You all need help – you see a fog, and you can’t help yourselves…no matter time of day, hazards, you’ve got to grab your camera….”

In other news, Jen Vogus shared her 59 second video promoting her work in Williamson County teaching photography to students with disabilities transitioning from high school to adulthood.  Look for an announcement mid-month – First Tennessee Bank Foundation is giving sizeable grants to organizations with the most “popular” videos, to be released publicly mid-month. Continue reading

July Meeting Notes…

June Meeting and Upcoming 2018 Key Happenings

Excellent meeting on June 26th, with 16 SNAP people sharing about 35 sets of before/after shots. Great tips ranging from particular post-processing software and tools to preparing for the shoot itself.  It was clear that SNAP folks are out and about with all kinds of energy and vision.  It was fascinating to see the hours that go into the making of some of these prints.  The generosity of people who shared their work and who commented on issues and ideas was greatly appreciated.


See below for upcoming SNAP activities, and the following pages for more general opportunities. Continue reading

Call for SNAP Submissions – 2018|Annual JCC Show

Call for SNAP Submissions – 2018|Annual JCC Show

SNAP would like to invite each of you to submit entries for our annual JCC show, to be held at the Gordon Jewish Community Center ( on Percy Warner Blvd during the month of September. See more about eligibility below.  This has traditionally been the major exhibition for SNAP each year, so we want to encourage everyone to participate.


Theme: There is no “theme” for this show, but the JCC can reject photos with images of full frontal nudity, violent subject matter, and religious symbolism. They are looking for “family friendly” images. Past shows have highlighted a broad variety of subjects and styles. For this show, the juror will be looking for photography that might be called “straight photography,” shot more from the heart than from the head. Continue reading

June Meeting Notes…

June 2018 Key Happenings

Great month for getting out and seeing fellow SNAP members in various shows, highlighted below the SNAP dates shown here. Look forward to seeing everyone!

June 22 Deadline for Lexus Dealership show: Motion/Movement – remember you may submit five (5) images.  Photos will be on display through December. For more info, see below.
June 23 See below – ideal deadline for sending us your before/after photos for the June meeting.
June 26


6:30 – 8:00 | Regularly scheduled meeting

Topic: “Before/After” photos.  Everyone is encouraged to share 1-3 photos (at least one photo!), showing the photo(s) before any editing/processing, and after. You may send these in digitally to, or bring prints or your own thumb drive.  Your choice whether to bring before/after images you’re pleased with, or something you’re not entirely satisfied with (or a mix).  Either way, we hope to learn from each other – tips, tricks, philosophies.

In setting things up to receive everyone’s digital files with before/after images for our June meeting, I realized that it would be helpful to have a naming convention so that the photos can be more easily displayed from DropBox during the meeting.  When you submit your files, please name them as follows:

This will put them nicely in the before/after sequence.  It would still be helpful to have your files submitted before the meeting.

Place:  Stefan Engstrom’s Office. Education Networks of America:  618 Grassmere Park #12, Nashville, TN 37211 ( This is an agreeably more centrally located spot, and we thank Stefan for making this possible.

Early July Look for Call for Entries for the JCC September show.  Theme as always will be “open.” Juror will be Tamara Reynolds (
July 12th 6:00- 8:00 |Preston Hotel artist reception and Grand Opening of Preston’s new art gallery.
July 24 July SNAP meeting, potentially a juror critique from the Preston or the Lexus show. Thanks to Lee Ramsey, we will begin meeting at the community room at the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association on Sidco drive, another agreeably more central location.

Continue reading

Camera Work, the 115-year-old publication, is available to be read once again…

Alfred Stieglitz published a photographic quarterly called Camera Work
over a century ago. Original copies are rare, fragile, and very expensive.
It served as the mouthpiece for the photo-secession movement and introduced
pictorialism to the world. Not only are the photogravures beautiful, but the texts, essays,
and critiques are also worth reading. Emerging photographers, including Steichen,
Robert Demachy, Gertrude Käsebier, Clarence White, and James Craig Annan as well
as 19 th century photography pioneers Hill & Adamson, and Julia Margaret Cameron grace the pages of Camera Work. The advertisements found on the last few pages of every issue remind the reader of a bygone era of early analog photography.
Very few people or institutions own original copies of Camera Work. Each time they are
handled, the risk of damaging a piece of photography’s history is present. The greenish-
grey paper used for the cover, and the bindings are extremely friable. It is not readily
available to browse its content. The price original copies command makes it impractical
for scholars and institutions to buy and to use them as teaching tools or for reference.
The goal is to give access of its content to teachers, students, museums, libraries,
collectors, and photography history enthusiasts.

Photographer and photogravure admirer, out of town SNAP member,  Pierre Vreyen has published, for the first time, a high quality, affordable facsimile of all 50 issues. He incorporated high-resolution scans made from each original Camera Work plate and painstakingly reproduced each page as close to the original as possible. One can now read and appreciate every single page published by Alfred Stieglitz in his photographic quarterly. It took two years to digitize, clean, and color correct all 3924 pages and covers. The result of such meticulous work is a faithful facsimile publication. A bonus new issue, number 51, was created and is a table of content of all previous 50 numbers.

For more information, please visit or email Pierre Vreyen at