October Meeting Notes…

October Meeting Summary:

Shannon Randol, the juror for our current JCC show, pulled together possibly one of the most interesting juror critiques we’ve had yet. So that the group could focus on the images themselves, rather than getting caught up in the title/photographer, Shannon presented anonymous photographs from the original pool of nearly 200 submissions. Using primarily a subset of photos that had been selected for the show, but also including a sampling of photos that were not selected, he provided insight into his perspective about what worked/ could have been improved, as well as historical and contemporary references to similar photographers.

For example, Shannon admired the sense of scale the first photo he showed, (below, Al Wood’s “Respite at the 15 Mile Point,”) and then showed Francis Frith’s 19th Century photos from Egypt where sense of scale is also provided by human figure – and then riffed into Sally Mann’s progression of photos of her children, where over time they became smaller and smaller portions of the landscape until Mann had morphed into a landscape photographer.

C. Al Wood, Respite At The 15 Mile Point (1)

C. Al Wood, Respite At The 15 Mile Point (1)


One of the recurring themes in Shannon’s commentary was the use of space within the frame of a photo, noting that a photograph is as much about what is excluded as it is about what is included, that the “right amount” of space (including negative space) can strengthen the photo, and that paying attention to the edges can really make a photo. Other observations included use of perspective through not only the camera angle but depth of field/focusing to clearly guide the viewer to the subject and/or mood. He also shared a practice one of his mentors in graduate school insisted upon, which sounds like another great “Zen Camera” exercise – to always take a second shot 5 steps further away from the original shot and compare the two. (For some of us the opposite might be useful – to take 5 steps closer….)

Thank you, Shannon, for the great thought and energy you put into this show! To see all 40 selections, and create your own critique, go to 2019 JCC Exhibit



* November – no SNAP meeting. But a wonderful invitation from Brentwood Photography Group to hear John Paul Caponigro, sponsored by Epson. November 5, 6:30-8:00, Otter Creek Church, 409 Franklin Road, Brentwood 37027. This is a “ticketed” event – it’s free, but you need to sign up here:

* December – date TBA, SNAP Holiday/Dirty Santa Gathering. Be thinking about what delicious potluck food / beverage (including adult beverages) you’d like to bring, along with what print (at least 8×10) you’d like to bring for the swap.

Other Meeting News

Congratulations to Tamra Stallings for selling her “Unwavering” photo at the JCC show! Show take down dates = Oct 30/31. Potentially other sales before then!

SNAP members involved in area happenings:

• Sandy Burr is featured in this weekend’s Artclectic at USN: https://artclectic.org
• Justin Thomas will have work during Franklin’s Art Crawl, Friday Dec 6th, opening reception at Franklin Visitor’s Center.
• Robin Conover’s last round of “The Art of Seeing” photography classes are this November 1 & 2. To sign up, please go here:

Other shows/classes of interest:
• Thursday, October 24, 6-7 pm, Artist walk through by photographer Caroline Allison at Zeitgeist Gallery, http://zeitgeist-art.com (salt prints, cyanotypes and more) along with Alex Blau.

• Free workshop Tuesday, October 29th at Marathon by Fujifilm, “Create Forever – Find Your Voice”, a storytelling event with educational and inspirational talks, videos and lectures:

• Monday, October 28th at 7:00, MTSU Baldwin Gallery presents Mark Klett, “Ideas About Time” – lecture and reception. http://baldwinphotogallery.com See also
http://www.markklettphotography.com. Shannon R and Bill Lund note that after 6:00 it’s okay to park anywhere on the MTSU campus except handicapped spots J

Tyler Shields at Tinney Contemporary https://www.tinneycontemporary.com, modern sensibility

• Magnum Square Print Sale starts Monday Oct 28th for 5 days.

• High Museum in Atlanta has a wonderful Sally Mann exhibit that just opened, and closing soon is another photographer, Clarence John Laughlin, also worth seeing. https://high.org/

Bonus Resources from Shannon Randol, with a rich variety of content worth checking regularly:
• Call for Entry: https://www.callforentry.org
• LenScratch: https://lenscratch.com
• College Art Association: https://www.collegeart.org
• Society for Photographic Education: https://www.spenational.org


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August Meeting Notes and Upcoming Happenings…

August Meeting Summary:

Emily Naff led an outstanding summer reading book discussion of David Ulrich’s Zen Camera.  One of the quotes she used to get our conversation rolling was early in the book: “Creativity, like Zen, can make us more present, awake and alive.” Through the following candid discussions of these ideas and of example photos some had sent in ahead of time, we learned where some of us feel more Zen/creative, how we consider “mistakes”, and how we can be open for “luck.”

Continue reading

Call for Submissions – Gordon Jewish Community Center Exhibition

Call for SNAP Submissions – 2019|Annual JCC Show

SNAP would like to invite each of our active members to submit entries for our annual JCC show, to be held at the Gordon Jewish Community Center (http://www.nashvillejcc.org/) on Percy Warner Blvd during the month of October. See more about eligibility below. This has traditionally been a major exhibition for SNAP each year, so we want to encourage everyone to participate.

Theme: There is no “theme” for this show, but the JCC can reject photos with images of full-frontal nudity, violent subject matter, and religious symbolism. They are looking for “family friendly” images. Past shows have highlighted a broad variety of subjects and styles. Continue reading

Call for SNAP Submissions – 2019 HOTEL PRESTON | “Sense of Connections”

SNAP invites each of you who are currently active members to submit entries for our annual Hotel Preston show, to be held August – December 2019. This venue encourages artistic creativity within the bounds of “family friendly” photography. The theme described more fully below will be “Sense of Connections,” building on the 2018 show, “Sense of Place,” but from a broader perspective. Be sure and read the description carefully to see what the juror and the hotel are looking for with this show. Continue reading

Upcoming May Meeting and Summer Reading…

Great meeting coming up in a couple of weeks:  May 28, 6:30-8:00, AMANDA MCCADAMS -Prospering as a Photographer through Social Media.

 see https://amandamccadams.com/travel/.  Her topic, will be richly grounded and informative for all.  Plus she’s another fun speaker!

May 28 6:30-8:00-ish, MeetingAmanda McCadams – Prospering as a Photographer through Social Media

And thanks for everyone’s input re our book we’re reading this summer.  There were 4 top contenders, which our esteemed Discussion Leader Emily Naff reviewed – all looked worthwhile, and may be contenders for next summer, but here’s what we’re reading now (before August 20th meeting – yes, that’s a 3rd Tuesday, but need to schedule around Emily’s teaching schedule): Continue reading

March Meeting and Calendar…

We thank Audrey Molloy for a most stimulating evening last week, hearing about contemporary trends in photography.  Detailed notes are below and attached.  Please mark your calendars for all the events in the calendar, but especially:

Tuesday, March 26, 6:30 – Beth Gorham, curator for NSCC current show

THURSDAY, April 25, 6:00 – Frist guided tour on Dorothea Lange’s work (different date!  different time!!).  We’ll do a sign up sheet in March. Continue reading

Monthly Meeting Reminder…


Next Tuesday, February 26, 6:30-8:00, we’re delighted to have Audrey Molloy join us to talk about Trends in Contemporary Photography/Visual Storytelling. Audrey is not only a photographer but also an arts writer, independent educator, and critic currently based in Nashville.

See http://audreymo.com/current/

>> ALSO, remember to bring a few prints of your current work/projects to share informally with the group – a chance to get feedback and share ideas.

Good news – Beth Gorham, the curator for our current show at Nashville State Community College, will be able to speak with us at our March meeting (3/26). Plus, the show will remain on display at their art gallery in the “H” Building through March 27th. Dates to pick up your work are Thursday/Friday, March 28 & 29, from 8:00 – 5:00.

Jerry Park will be speaking to us about his new book and publishing this summer.

Finally, the Frist outing for April has been confirmed – mark your calendar for Thursday, April 25th, at 6:00pm (different day, different time). More details/sign-up to follow.